Characters, scenes, and locations based on various Dungeons and Dragons home games over the last few years, based on designs either fully made by me or in collaboration with friends. All designs are drawn and inked traditionally and then colored and textured digitally in Photoshop.
Campaign One
Aia Acate - Water Genasi Circle of Stars Druid
Jet - Tortle Paladin
Ricardo de Julien de Serpient - Yuan-ti Pureblood Fighter
Allabaster - Variant Human Fighter
Campaign Two
Damian Graves - Half-Elf/Half-Dragonborn Fighter
Aia Acate - Water Genasi Circle of Stars Druid (v.2)
Party 2: Diamian, Aia, and Jet
Miscellaneous characters, scenes, and locations from Campaign Two
Campaign Three
Ig Thorgan - Half-Orc Samurai Fighter
Campaign Four
Vigo Inkfeather - Owlin Rogue
DnD Pixel Art - Ongoing project to create pixel art designs for all parties I play in
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